Jura Impressa J9

How to Buy a Coffee Maker that will Impress You

If you are like most people, a cup of coffee in the morning is one of your requirements to start the day. While you could buy instant coffee and brew hot water yourself, this eliminates some of the many enjoyments that coffee bring to you.

Keep the Fun of Coffee Alive

It is easy to purchase a coffee maker and keep the enjoyment of coffee alive and well inside of your home. Not only is it easy to make coffee is a coffee maker, it also smells absolutely wonderful when it fills your home.

There are certainly many different coffee makers out there today, making it easy for anyone to purchase a high quality, mean coffee making machine. But, with so many choices out there it also makes it a little bit harder to decipher which one you really need.

Features of a Coffee maker

Take a look at some of the features of a coffee maker, then decide what you need. This will make it so much easier to buy a coffee maker.


The standard coffee maker will produce 8 cups of coffee, however, there are coffee makers that brew less, as well as those that brew more. Make your selection based on the number of people in your family whom drink coffee, as well as the number of cups that will be drank in a period of time.

Programming Features

Many coffee makers have awesome programming features that you will be impressed with. Of course these additional features also increase the cost of the machine. Consider whether these bonuses are worth the additional cash that you will spend. For the coffee enthusiast, they are usually worth every single penny. Imagine telling your coffee maker what time to brew your coffee so it is always waiting for you!

Automatic Shut Off

During the rush of the morning it is easy to forget your head, much less the coffee maker. A great feature to look for in your machine is an automatic shut off feature. If you get hurry in  the morning and forget to cut the machine off, it will automatically shut off after a period of time that you have selected.


Is there a warranty with your coffee maker? Most warranties are available on a coffee maker and offer one-year guarantees on their product. Some offer two and three years, however, depending on the type that you have chosen. You must complete the warranty information for this to become enforced, however, so make sure this is something that you do.

Extended warranties can be purchased as well, but you might want to think long and hard before making this purchase. Oftentimes a good machine will well outperform its warranty.


We all must take the price of things into consideration before we buy them. Coffee makers are so fancy these days it is simple to spend a whole lot more money than you ever intended pretty quickly. Do not allow this to happen to you! Make sure that you set a budget for your coffee maker and always stick to it. You can take advantage of price comparisons online before you set your budget, if you wish.


Coffee makers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so this is another important consideration to keep in mind when you are making your purchase. It is easy to get a small machine just like it is easy to get a large one.

Before all this

It is important that you know a little bit about the type of coffee maker you want before you go out to buy one. Sure, there are sales reps who may be able to assist you, but they do know understand your needs as well as you do!

A drip coffee maker is the most popular type out there, but there are also other types of coffee makers as well. Be sure that you know this much before you go out. Will you be grinding your own beans? If so, this is a feature that you should look for. There are many coffee makers that make this simple and easy for you to do with a combo machine. You can also use ground coffee if you would like, but make your preference before you go!

Finally, make sure that you understand the amount of space available inside of your kitchen before you purchase. There are models made to go underneath cabinets nowadays, so if you are lacking counter space, this may be something that you want to consider.

The Jura Impressa J9 is an outstanding little machine that will not take up very much space at all. What it will do, however, is providing you delicious cup after cup of  delicious coffee. It features its own grinder and a ton of other great features that anyone who loves coffe

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