What to Look for in a Coffeemaker

You are certainly aware of the many benefits of owning a coffee machine. The machines are really handy, making it easy and affordable to create delicious coffee from the comforts of your own home. But, how in the world can you choose a coffee machine for personal use when there are just so many of them out there?

We understand how complicated it can be to buy a coffee maker. There are hundreds of them around, and they all offer something the next doesn’t. But buying a coffee machine shouldn’t be a hassle, and we are here to make sure that it is not .Take a look  at this information and before you know it the perfect coffee machine will be sitting inside of your home.

Considerations of a new Coffee Maker

It is important to understand coffee makers come in all shapes, sizes and with tons of exciting features.  Their price ranges from about $15 to well into the hundreds of dollars. You must know what you are looking for and take the time to really compare to find the right coffee maker for your needs. These things all affect the amount of money that will be spent on the machine, so, as we said, it is essential to know what you are after.

First thing to look for in your machine is the type of coffee maker that it is. There are several types of machines available, including drip models, single serve pots, espresso and cappuccino machines and more. Most people opt for the drip model coffee makers, but this is strictly up to you.

How much space will the machine take up on your counter? Many coffee makers are small and compact, easily fitting into most any space. There are even coffee makers designed slim to provide you more room. But there are also machines that are huge, like espresso machines, and  require that you have the space to put them.

You should also consider the capacity of the coffee maker. Some machines brew one single cup of coffee while others will brew enough for the entire family. A standard coffee maker will brew 8 cups of coffee; is this enough for you? There are other makers that offer 10 or 12 cup capabilities as well.

What’s your Style?

There are several different styles of coffee makers. Take a look at several of those styles before you decide what to purchase. You may find that an undercabinent unit is most suitable for your needs if you lack space, or you may fall head over heels for the microwave/coffee maker combination unit. A red coffee pot would look stunning with your apple-decorated wall, or perhaps blue would settle in the feel for a country kitchen. These are only a few of the many styles of coffee makers you can  select from.

Here are several other things to look for when buying a coffee maker.

  • Auto-Off that automatically turns the machine off
  • Programmable Settings- A coffee maker with programmable settings really makes life easy.
  • Brew Selector
  • Water level Indicator

Money is an Issue

Price is always something that you must take into consideration when buying a coffee maker. As mentioned above these devices are certainly must-have, but the costs can also surprise you with some models.

Decide what features you really need and those that would just be nice to have. Ask yourself if you are willing to pay more for those extra features. Nine times out of 10 you would rather save yourself a little bit of money! This simple step should be taken, as it will keep a lot of cash in your pocket.

Compare costs of several machines before deciding which will be your purchased product. This step is beneficial, and you could find yourself saving a ton of cash when you do it. You could very well find a great coffee machine with all of the same features you want and need for a lot less when you make comparisons.

And, re-consider if you are planning to purchase an extended warranty. These warranties may not be worth the money! If you are spending the money to purchase a quality machine, chances are it will far outlive the time any warranty will offer you.

A Final Step

It is a good idea to check out consumer reviews before buying a coffee maker as well. There are reviews posted free on the web, and with those reviews you can learn first-hand what others think of the machine. It takes just a moment of time so why not treat yourself to this beneficial information?

The Jura Impressa C9 is an awesome coffee maker for your home. You can find a ton of reviews about this amazing machine, and if you are looking for a coffee maker  that will leave you with an impression, this is the perfect choice.


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